'Comfort women' film to be shown in Japan amid row

'Comfort women' film to be shown in Japan amid row
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Image caption A statue of a "comfort woman" pictured outside of the Japanese embassy in Seoul

A Japanese film festival will now show a documentary on forced wartime sex workers after its earlier decision to cancel the screening sparked a backlash.

The festival in Kawasaki said safety concerns had now been resolved.

Tens of thousands of so-called "comfort women" from around Asia were forced into brothels to work as sex slaves for Japan's military.

Japanese nationalists deny the women were coerced into sex work.

Earlier this year an exhibition on the issue of "comfort women" was forced to close for two months after it was threatened with arson.

What's behind the festival's u-turn?

The decision not to screen the film was reversed after "lots of voices offering cooperation to address our safety concerns", a member of the organising committee told AFP news agency.

Several directors involved in the film festival had criticised plans not to show the film. One even pulled his own film from the festival in protest.

"Shusenjo: The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue" will now be shown on the last day of the festival.

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